USB flash backup - Automatic USB Backup

USB flash backup - Automatic USB Backup 4.0

USB flash backup software - Auto backup files to and from the USB flash drive
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Neitsoft, Inc.

Insert any USB flash drive or USB HDD into your computer and the software automatically copies your files to and from the USB drive - no clicks or keystrokes necessary.
*Automatically detects and backup
* Specify which USB flash drive to backup
* Backup Local / LAN drives to USB flash drive, or backup USB flash drive to Local PC.
* Real-time monitor, monitor the data files on your computer and USB flash drive. It automatically backs up your most critical files the moment they are saved.
* Silent backup runs quietly in the background
* Standard Zip Compression model option
* Comprehensive backup types, Incremental backup, Mirror, Full backup (Completely - Overwrite all items), New - Copy only new
Completely new archive each time, Time Stamped (Keeps a number of backup copies)
* Flexible File and Folder Selected
* Easy to install, Installation is through a simple Wizard interface and takes just seconds. Advanced program behavior can then be fine-tuned through dozens of options in the advanced menu.

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